a virgin did come

by bly wallentine



released November 22, 2016

all songs, performances, recording, mixing and mastering by stephen cope

samuel c. clarke and charles l. hutchins wrote the text of o, how wondrous the love

beathovenz and jasmin shakeri wrote solebox diadora azzurro

stuart wheeler played drums in o, how wondrous the love

chance clift mastered o, how wondrous the love

ivy augusta smith did the absolutely gorgeous artwork <3


all rights reserved


Track Name: o, how wondrous the love
a virgin did come from lowliest home
and shelter she fain in a manger would find
for full was the inn and no room was within
save where to the stalls the mute oxen they'd bind

o, how wondrous the love and the deep humility
of him who was laid in a manger for me

that babe was a king, mystic gifts lo they bring
sure tokens they were of some great one to be
to bethlehem led, eastern sages have sped
from afar, the desire of all nations to see

no tokens of state around that royal babe did wait
seeming least and yet greatest of all monarchs was he
Track Name: winter takes the sting out of me
winter takes the sting out of me
trims my claws and files down my teeth
you thought that i don't give up easily
but i've always given up easily

in the end we're all tired as hell
cursing god and taking our pills
and in the end we'll give up easily
we've always given up easily

it's so hard to not let go
it's so hard, i know
Track Name: tether my feeble arms
tether my feeble arms should i fail
though from my pain i hide, yet i feel
lord of the trodden vine, will i shatter?
even in mildest winds do i shudder

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