i don't know what to do (besides love)

by bly wallentine

yet again your cruel ways confound me (i don't get it!) you easily decimate me i am no match for you and the ease with which you harm me this isn't my wheelboat honey i'm not a destroyer i won't defend myself, not if it hurts you even though i know it's to my great material detriment and you'll use it to condemn me to a life of isolation i accept the solitude i don't know what to do besides love you keep burnin me every day i keep lovin me anyway i don't know what to besides love you lash out when i disobey i keep lovin you anyway yet again your reasoning eludes me (i still don't get it!) you entertain any fiction your ego sells to you and you turn it into power keep your hyperbolic evil i'm not a projection i won't reciprocate, i wouldn't hurt you even though my heart is aching to set the record straight i decline to indulge it my spirit is occupied with golden metamorphosis subfXmX9mystery?submXsku|objectoffear&wonder trans woman, false female, wolf in women's clothes: coarse skin, hairy foot (2), broad shoulder (2), bulging penis. speaks love, seeks belonging. [it seems like a man; it must want to fuck you. it changes its name, paints its face to fool you. it is danger; do not believe it.]


six planets in retrograde. illusions are shattered. conspiracies are exposed. truth is revealed. suppressed understanding frees itself. old connections are broken and new ones are formed.


released June 26, 2020

performed and produced by bly wallentine. additional vocals by jillian rogers.


all rights reserved



bly wallentine Provo, Utah

bly wallentine makes records with their loved ones in provo, utah.

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