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i found my foot :)

by bly wallentine

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my alignment's been so fucked up by this i had to let myself be made a fool i was compelled into inferno by the trickster and i knew it but i followed him in epimethean apishness it seared the edge of the brimstone i was looped in the karmic repeating scene (ah) there in the room of the wasted sighs, i, looped in the karmic repeating sheen i endeavored to redeem the triggered particle accelator beneath my infected wound i couldn't reach across the chasm of intention and libido to my anima an eleusinian mystery it was betrayed by an echo, echo drowned in the dew on a treasured mirror (ah) there in the spit of a reckless fiend, it shriveled and bloomed with the throbbing fear how could you do me so dirty? i know you didn't mean to shit all over my psyche/my sofa my my my my my my why can't i ruminate on anything but my agony? it slithered into the crack of dusk the whim of a fickle and guileful wind (ah) there in the claw of a doe-eyed crow the cross and the tomb and the hanged man friend A- D- E- G△ B- C7 F△ G/A D△ D- G- F7 Bb△ A- G- F7 Bb△ Eb△ A△9 C△9 G△ F△ (C#) F#- E- D7 Bb/C G7 C#- D/E Fdim7 F#- A△ E- D- G/A A△ D△ F#- A△ D- E- F#- A△ E7 D△ B△ F#7 F#△ B7 B△ x2
oo baby i was fishing for the patterns in the cracks mama i unleashed a wailing woman and i activated all my terrestrial energy ahhhh yeah i had decimated all my vestigial enemies aahh oo poison i had powered down my nettles and my barbs mama i unbound my unkempt billies and i sublimated all my terrestrial energy ahhhh oh yeah i antiquated all my primordial enemies ahhh oo magick i repurposed my libido into howls mama i undressed under the moonlight and i resonated all my terrestrial energy ahhhh fuck yeah eradicated all my millenial enemies C E+ F◬ F/Bb Bb/Eb Bb◬/D G- G◬ F/G C7 E+7b5 F-13 Ab7 Ab◬ Db◬ C- Bb- Bb7 Bb◬ D7 Eb◬ Ab◬ Eb◬ Bb7 Bb◬ D- D7 Eb◬ F- F◬ Bb◬ D7 Eb◬ Ab◬ Eb◬ G- Bb◬ C◬ (G- Bb7 Bb◬ C7 C◬#11) B- F#- E- F#- B- B7 B◬ E◬ C#- D- F/G alto: A C#+ D◬ D/G G/C G◬/B E- E◬ D/E A7 C#+7b5 D-13 F7 F◬ Bb◬ A- G- G7 G◬ B7 C◬ F◬ C◬ G7 G◬ B- B7 C◬ D- D◬ G◬ B7 C◬ F◬ C◬ E- G◬ A◬ (E- G7 G◬ A7 A◬# 11) G#- Eb- C#- Eb- G#- G# G#◬ C#◬ Bb- B- D/E
boy i'm fixated on you too integrated to breathe my own wind i want to annihilate my faculties in your arms i am not afraid of anything but i am not in your arms so i am very afraid afraid of dying without becoming you inside and out girl you're entangled in me coagulated inside my bloodstream i wish to occupy your fantasies in your eyes my reflection is immaculate but i am not in your eyes so my reflection is blurred and i must perish without becoming you C G F A- A◬ C G Bb◬/f D- D7 D◬ C G F A- C/D E- G- Bb◬ Ab◬ C C+ F#-7b5 D- E- F/G Bb7 Bb◬ G/A A◬ F- F◬ A◬ A7 F F- D7 D◬ Bb7 Bb◬ D◬ D7 Bb◬ Bb7
windows 06:21
whether it rains inside or not i'll open up all of my windows tug of abyssal syzygies i'll feel a pinch and i'll let it all in whether i walk in time or not i'll flip the end over the margin psychohermetic liturgy i'll bite the hook, i'll feed the beast, i'll soothe the child, i'll let the blood, i'll reap the wheat, i'll drain the bile, i'll part the sea, i'll tame the goats, i'll climb the cross, i'll light the torch, i'll leave the cave, i'll break the glass or something like that i would simply collect myself if i could but my stubborn pieces they won't succumb to my hermes trismegistus and the labor's wasted whether i know my name or not i'll conjure up all of its power i gotta eat the yellow snow i know it's sick but i gotta turn left whether the walls collapse or not i'll force my way into the sanctum abracabraxal theonym i'll speak the word, i'll sip the wine, i'll prick the vein, i'll brew the cup, i'll cut the cord, i'll prune the vine, i'll roll the boulder up the hill for all of time, i'll pluck the eye, i'll bruise the heel, i'll heal the asp until it bites back. ah resistant animal afraid to climb into the heavenly heights and plummet into hellish depths we faded through the bliss with all our limbs in tactile realms beneath the sand-like starfield we kissed the dewy palm fronds whether i touch that dial or not i'll catch the pitch feeding the symptom end of a reeling palindrome i'll whip my neck for the sake of my back whether i reach the sun or not i'll flap my wax over the marble endopneumatic antigen i'll weep the brook, i'll till the earth, i'll still the flood, i'll greet the dawn, i'll burn the mask, i'll clear the scum, i'll fix my gaze upon the navel of the face, i'll read the lines between the lines between the lines until i can't A: B△ A△ E△ F#△ B/C# D/E B△ A△ E△ G#- A/B Ab△ B△ A△ E△ F#△ Db/Eb E/F# B△ A△ B: E△ Db△ A△ D△+++++ E△ Db△ A△ D△+++++ C#- A△ F#7 B△ E△ Db△ A△ D△+++++ C/D G/A E- C: I think these are all sampled 11no3 chords? C G F C G F Ab C G F Bb Ab G C G F C G F Ab C G Bb D G B D: E- F#- E- D7 D△ A- E- F#- E- G/A A△ E- F#- E- D7 A- G△ D#- Db7 B△ B△/A# G#- D ALTO: C#- D#- C#- B7 C#- D#- C#- E/F# F#△ C#- D#- C#- B7 F#- E△ C- Bb7 Ab△ Ab△/G F- 7 6 8 5 5 5 (3)(2)(2) (3)(3) (3)(2)(3) (3)(2) (3)(2) (3)2
ecstatic calamity, ah, the material through the silk i heard providence crow abundant prosperity i will, but no, there must be a deficit and a reckoning i requested an arcane sign i found it in my old mind silver meadow, a five-pointed decagon pleasure island is growing from your bowels the twists and turns of your imagination will parade you down the streets of the city of angels ha ha ha ha and all your misery will be a fogged-up rear window you will delight at the constant quivering and the balmy, supple pineapple orchards la la la la la la la leave your worries in the candle wax and chicken's blood sandwiches I will feed you honey the color of rotten cabbage and you will retch in ecstacy like a clandestine oyster yes you will fetch my garment and adorn me in polyester fishnets E△9 B- A- E△9 D#- C#- B△ Ab△ F#△ Db△ C- F△ C△9 Ab△ G- Bb△ Eb△ F#△ Db△ C- B△ A△ G△ F△ F#7 E△ C C△ A- E- A△ C7 F#-7b5 F△ Bb△ C/D G7 G△ Bb/C C△ G/A A△ E- Bb/C C△ G/A A- E- G△ G/A F△ A△ A7 C△ C#-7b5 G△ G7 Gadd6 Gadd-6 x3 G△ G7 Gadd6 E7 G/A A△ E/F# F#△7 C#-11 G/A A△ E/F# F#- B- F#- E- B- A7 E△ E- D△ B△ Eb7 E△ B- F#- E- B- A7 E△ E- D△ B△ A7 F#- Eb- Eb9/G Db9/F [EADGBE] B- D△/A G△ F#- A B D G A B E GM7/B DM7/A Gadd9 F#- E- GM7/B F#-/A BM7 E△9 B- A- E△9 D#- C#- B△ Ab△ F#△ Db△ C- F△ C△9 Ab△ G- Bb△ Eb△ F#△ Db△ C- B△ A△ G△ F△ F#7 E△
welcome to blueberry evidentiary mortuary it's where we boisonberry the sedentary post-geriatric anthropoanimalia we've got deals deals deals on ornate mahogany corpse-capsule-prisons and if you call today we can get you in the ground by valentine's day I almost slipped into the yawning lake of salty years, oh no! I nigh betrayed the dove. I almost crowned a faulty love down here at blueberry evidentiary mortuary it's very arbitrary the wheelings and the dealings of the merry and despairy perrywinkle we've got time, time, time to rejoice and agonize over the pool of clear reflective water whose stillness was unsettled on wallentine's day on wallentine's day i've been caught in fiery fear sipping on playground water readng the backs of cereal boxes why am i remembering all of this now? why this? why now? i thrust my fingers through the glassy moat of moaning wool, oh my, i grazed the pistil, ah, and saw the crow's unyielding claw i saw the crow's unyielding claw A B- C# D A B C G F# B B- Bb F E F# Ab A D D- Db Ab G C C- Bb Bb- F E A B C G A B B- Bb Eb D D- A G F E A G/A A- A7 AM7 AM7#5 Bb- Bb7 BbM7 A- GM9 BbM9 EbM9 D- A-/C G-/B A- C/D G7 GM9 Bb7 BbM9 EbM9 D- C#-7b5 CM7 G/B G-/Bb A- C/D Bb/C Ab/Bb F7 FM7 GM7 G7 FM7 F7 G7 GM7 AM7 A7 B-7b5 E-/G D-/F E-/G F/A Bb9 A- G G7 C Bb G7no3 A Bb G59 F Bb DM7 G DM7/F# E- BbM7 B7 AM7 A7 GM7 G7 FM7 F7 E7 EM7 C7 CM7
a new addition to all my fine insecurities i tucked it into a remote location oh in the nethers of tartarus all the deities i c-can i cannot face yet i've been possessed by an alien and it's got a lot to say about an imminent catastrophe so i'm cutting out its tongue i couldn't help myself i had the will of a lover i simply must evicerate myself for the sake of a comedy of errors it took i minute i found my foot on the abjugate i fucked it out of my lymphatic system there in the anodyne soporific stability on t-tele-television no one possessed not an alien but an anomaly no not an animal or enemy i cut it out of I i could dream about the things i love but instead i'm dreaming of the things i couldn't hold onto i could listen to the songs of birds but instead the vicious herds of crows are clawing through i get sick and tired of being recycled for this theatrical production oh i've been blessed with love eternal but why've i got to be eternal? C G F A Bb G D A G B C A E C B Bb A E F# G# D A B Db F# D A FM7 E- D- F/G AM7 C#- B - F#- (E) DM7 C#- F#- B7 E- B- D- A-
i couldn't stick it out through the fever, the sick salivation of the necrophagous hysteria, so i travelled through the old pineal cemeteria. even when i cannot be around you, even when it hurts to think about you, (ain't no limit to my love) i couldn't get it out for a season, the briny religion of the aphroditic demonia, so i exorcised them in sinister ceremonia. even when i cannot bear your absence, even when we waste away in silence, even when we spell out our disaster, even in the agonizing laughter, (ain't no limit to my love) why? though alone now, i can't cry my rain. i squandered paradise. my hands outstretched, i collapsed in excruciating pain. ah, in the prism, i see all our ways. a poison majesty, my pride undressed. i languished through evaporating days. even in the ovary of envy, even when i wither from your memory, even when you maladize my daydreams, even in the moaning of our requiems. (ain't no limit to my love)
i ache to whisper in the ear of my woman all of my unabridged sinister desires but i don't got no woman no, i don't love any woman like the banshee in my body i can't remember how it feels to be delivered into the aubergine arms of my mother and her serpentine swallow the material holler, all unraveling sisters so christened the language lingual tessellations corded bone say-rivered the spitting image, translocation in sore stone i was listening for the birds to sing between my knees and i was listening for the flustered quakes of butterflies i was reeling from the fossilized remains of enemies and my serrated edges frightened off the pollenating bees G◬ G/A B- E- E7 E◬ C◬ F◬ G/A A#dim7 B- F#- F#/B B7 C◬ E- E7 E- G- G/A B- F#- E-6 E7 B- B7 B◬ x2 Eb◬ Eb7 Eb- Ab7sus Ab7 Ab- x2 E59 C◬ G/A A◬9 C/D D- (E◬) x2 Ab◬ Ab7 Ab6 Ab-6 (Ab6) (Ab7) F#◬ C/D F7 F◬
blue liver sallow relic i was not entirely conscious but i was not asleep like a daydream all of my wilted passengers haunting my memories and my now-sensations i've been through all of this before this time around, i swallowed it a little bit more easily it's all i can do i've been trying to break through but i can't separate myself from all the lavender azaleas oh laser avaritia i produced a yellow tulip but i could not produce a medallion banishing all the passengers stowing their baggage in the glove receptacle i've wrestled this old lord before spun it around until the serpent headed toward the helios it's all i can do i been flying through the blue but i can't separate myself from all the lavender azaleas G B- E- G G#7 F#7 BM7 AM7 F- EM7 AM7 B/C# F#M7 G/A EM7 GM7 A7 AM7 EM7 GM7 AM7 G GM7 E FM7 C C7 A AM7 A7 BM7 GM7 G/A EM7 DbM7 AM7 A-7b5 AM7 DM7 D7
ain't no sunshine at midnight so I'm gonna light up, light up ain't no sunshine at midnight so I'm gonna blaze on up til the sunrise Bb/C D- F7 G- A- B-7b5 Bb/C BbM7 A- GM7 EbM7 Eb- Bb/C D- F7 G- A- BbM7 EbM7 BbM7 DM7 E- G/A GM7


oh! there it is :D


released December 5, 2022

All music written, performed, and produced by Bly Wallentine.

Speech samples in "My Unkempt Billies" are of Johannes Gorannson and Aase Berg, both reading segments of poetry by Aase Berg.
Horn sample in "My Unkempt Billies" is of Woody Shaw.

Artwork by Ike Bushman. Photographed by Roan Cano.


all rights reserved


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