in which big rhino and tiny bunny are taken captive by hungry alligator

by bly wallentine

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hello! thank you for listening to "in which big rhino and tiny bunny are taken captive by hungry alligator". i have divided this work up into twelve titled movements which tell a scary story with a nice ending! :D i put them out of order, what a fun game! put them in order and you get the story. track 13 is the work in its entirety and track 14 is the isolated piano track for you piano fetishists out there.

here is the accompanying text:

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released March 30, 2020

written, performed, and produced spontaneously by the creature inside bly wallentine at studio studio dada in provo, ut

bly: piano, drums, ms-20, cornet, clarinet, vocals


all rights reserved



bly wallentine Provo, Utah

bly wallentine makes records with their loved ones in provo, utah.

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