~* queen of cups *~

by bly wallentine



tw: child abuse


released September 19, 2015

stephen cope - vocals, trumpets, bass, guitars, keyboards, drums
mary nielson - violin
alyssa pyper - vocals
erika eddington - vocals
elizabeth holden - vocals
stuart wheeler - drums, french horn, vocals
jesse quebbeman-turley - drums, vocals

recorded at studio studio dada
recorded, arranged, and produced by stephen cope
mastered by cade thalman

artwork by mara teague lemesany


all rights reserved


Track Name: father doted over me
father doted over me
with a branch in hand from the birchwood tree
he turned my eyes black and blue then he said,
"i love you, child, but my love's not free"

"la da da," he whispered in my ear and played my back like drums
i never even knew what i had done
"la da da," he whispered in my ear and loved my young heart numb
i never even knew what i had done

father doted over me
while i lay in bed feigning dreamsick sleep
he touched my heart, kissed me on the cheek
hand between my thighs where he made me bleed
Track Name: nothing feels real
i find fulfillment in numbing my psyche with picture shows
i can't feel nothing if i don't let my eyes close

i prefer purpose to pleasure, pleasure is simpler though
orgasm's better if i don't let my eyes close

nothing feels real if i don't make it feel real
nothing feels like it matters if i don't make it feel like it matters
Track Name: they told me death is not the end
they told me death is not the end
they warned that god is not my friend
my prayerbook's words will i amend
these dear misdeeds did i intend

and, o, underneath these clothes
all i am is bones, just bones in graves
and, o, nobody can know
if i have a soul or if i'm saved

how can i doubt the pains of hell
my father's grave serves my memory well
i tore his insides out of his shell
it's not a sin if he can't tell
Track Name: the bockscar children
i, built with springs and these duct-tape tin-can wings
woke among crows in my finest sunday clothes
i told my tale in a cold plutonium hail
wrapped in a shroud, a corrosive mushroom cloud

i, built with love for the death of smaller bugs
tore out your homes with my foggy fission foam
all i could see were the roaches and debris
cause life's pretty calm for an old atomic bomb
Track Name: semen samples pt. 3
only time can tell whether i'll die and go to hell
or if i'll live forever doubtful of myself
only i can say whether my femme will slip away
but i can't think much less i can't say words, okay

bless me mother god
i am wholly flawed
Track Name: semen samples pt. 1
toughen up, sell your soul,, heels and hair, gun control
tie your teeth to the door, raven choir, carnivore

racing stripes, always gold, dodged the draft, never told
protein drinks, polyjuice, loose wrecked crew-cut recluse

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