shoulder devil

by bly wallentine



these songs are not about you


released April 22, 2017

written by bly wallentine
"i can't get no peace" & "compulsory existence" produced by bly wallentine
"angel in your pocket", "don't desert me", & "caught up in the bliss" produced by bly wallentine & stuart wheeler
recorded at studio studio dada
mixed by bly wallentine (with help from stuart wheeler)
mastered by chance clift
guitar, piano, bass, organ, vocals, & orchestration by bly wallentine
drums, synth, percussion, & vocals by stuart wheeler
artwork by henry justice ford


all rights reserved


Track Name: angel in your pocket
shitty whiskey on a shitty killing spree
double decker at the bottom of the sea
i'm an angel in your pocket, buddy on the clock
i'm terrified of fucking up

burning everybody down isn't doing you any good
and everything around me makes me believe you're
burning everybody down you're not doing any good

call it treason when i won't respond to shame
lazy susan we can pass around the blame
i am probably gonna die when i am thirty five
i don't have any time to waste
Track Name: don't desert me
flicker little firefly
i'm invisible in light
and destructive late at night

fucker in a hologram
i'm a wolf in women's clothes
and i'm careful no one knows

shoulder devil don't desert me
let my wicked dealings hurt me
shoulder angel don't protect me
let my shitty deeds infect me
Track Name: i can't get no peace
I only want what's fatal to me
I wish you could see
you're killing me baby
perpetual indulgence fucks me to sleep
light makes me weep
I'm lucid
maybe i am unfit to coexist with anyone alive
I tell you I'll quit but I'm no quitter baby

my self-destructive tendencies are vital to my well-being
and i need a release
there is a fissure inside my chest i always do what feels best
but i can't get no peace
Track Name: compulsory existence
i am mistaken for a saint though i am full of dread
and though i know i'm supposed to pray
i masturbate three times a day instead
i'm always shaken by the thought of passing prematurely
the universe will wring my neck
and all my friends will be a wreck/erect for a bit

i cannot grapple with the realities of my compulsory existence
i refuse to fuck with the realities of my compulsory existence
Track Name: caught up in the bliss
suck on the end of a bottle of piss
i'm stuck in the glass
caught up in the bliss
tongue in the teeth of a negligent god
we fuck and we cum
and i hold to the rod

the spirit tells me i'm a fucked up girl
and I do my best to comply
i'm a weekend lover in a holiday world
and the spirit tells me to die
so why do i deny the holy ghost

nail in the cross of the son of man
i'm thrilled by the blood
as it runs down my hands
devil in the dial of the clock in my brain
enthralled by the shit
as it speeds down the drain

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