sublime​|​subliminal​|​sublingual​]​*​(​%​^​, explorations of banjo and voice

by bly wallentine

i feel often that i am alone, and i cannot tell if i am okay with it, it often makes me feel like a flightless bird, a wave in an ocean, empty of everything but itself, and i know that i can love it all but sometimes it is frightening to be the only thing washed up on a shore of endless sand perhaps this is the source of the sorrow and the mother of the fear and i have been at many points abandoned by myself, though i could not see what i was doing it is all a body of fear, the ship sailing through a worrying storm, but it is not wet here, nor is there structure or form i think back to the abandonment — it is all a realization of conditional love. which is not truly love but a mirror, a projection of doubt and self loathing and uncertainty: what is this creature i inhabit? but i have learned (though i often forget myself) that while i do not always understand my pain i can accept it with grace, and extend that acceptance to myself while i seek to understand my pain and all of the rest. of me. i am acceptable, every molecule, as is everything outside of me, which is also a part of me, a single outstretched thread of silk, which extends on forever, held by the loving fingers. of an eternal god
i knew what i thought i did but i learned better there is love in all of us even though it can be hard to find in the darkness a light shines on those who see and who are ready to be blessed with understanding of the eternal truth of god which i call self or mind, reason or ?, time, matter, mind, body, psychic oscillations ten thousand manifestations
(interlude) 00:24


a set of meditations and utterances after a long song and a shorter song. exploring painting with overtones alongside modal melisma.

banjo is DCGAE [Tune G to C, A to G, E to A, D to G]


released November 5, 2020

eternal cosmic freak toying with the tongue and throat of bly wallentine

recorded in rock canyon in provo, ut on my cell phone
mixed and mastered by bly wallentine


all rights reserved



bly wallentine Provo, Utah

bly wallentine makes records with their loved ones in provo, utah.

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