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by bly wallentine



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i am always in My Process


well, i did what i could to be honest
but it didn't even matter
no my telepsychopathologic meaning
got lost in the pixelated dandelion flurries

so i gnawed at a fray in my sweater
and it started to unravel
and i let it do its self-annihilating
yeah, i let it fall apart

let it fall apart
and let it break down
into oblivion
watch it fully die
and watch the worms feast
all good things come from shit
all goodness is living earthworm shit

underneath all the leaves in the garden
that descended from the heaven and became a holy miracle
of maggots
i wept as my body was transfigured into manna

and the flies, well, they gnawed at my belly
and it started to unravel
and i lay there in the shitty disassembly
yeah, i let it fall apart

i know better by now,
but i didn't know then, no i didn't know how to
see behind the shimmering smattering of abalone pussywillow
you know better than me
that a little undone is a season unleashed and
you remind me of the ocean under the moonlight


released July 27, 2023
all music written, performed and produced by bly wallentine at studio studio dada in slc, ut



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