all remains stable

by bly wallentine

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L. Cope
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L. Cope The gorgeous modal melody floats atop a rhythmic and harmonic ostinato that unifies the message of the lyrics and musical materials.


oh chaos core within the earth
molten and more alive than i
I am a molecule, a particle of dying light
but I survive, at least for now

oh constellation of the goose
thought by the wise to be a ghoul
I am a nebula, celestial carcass in the void
but I am present, at least for now

caught in between magnetic poles
imprisoned by a fierce and massive pull
I am a small but damning flaw within a perfect plan
but all remains stable, at least for now

I feel that I am lost and all alone and I am unbecoming like the painted clouds that dissipate after the dawn

I fear that I have lost a part of me and I am unbecoming as I search my vision blurs my bones begin to break

i feel that all the light inside of me has been extinguished i am unbecoming with the clothespin birds and with the quilted trees


released April 26, 2018
written, arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered by stephen cope at studio studio dada

guitars, banjo, percussion, flute, violin, and vocals by stephen cope

artwork by henry justice ford


all rights reserved


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