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scratching post

by bly wallentine



i'll see what i can leave behind in my old head but i wanna move up gently
the cat is scratching at the old scratching post and i feel the resistance
between my shoulder blades
i couldn't relay this twice

but i want terrible things to happen behind me
and beautiful things to rise in front of me
absolute zero swallowing hollow
pity i can't be all of it all the time

do you remember that time you unwound, you collapsed to the dirt and found a reason
the little acorn off the cherrybark oak, well, it split into two and
unearthed a precious seed and
you cradled it in your hand

on the dock at the harbor i started to believe
that there was some leviathan
lurking in the sea
i'm a fool to the shadow, the shallows i know well
so i step toward the sunset and deepen into hell
i deepen into hell


released June 20, 2023
all music written performed and produced by bly wallentine



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