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billy williams' sweet babylon

by bly wallentine

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everything comes and goes but I stay just like I always done I don't have to tell you what's it like you know it well but I'll tell you one thing I wouldn't give it up for gold nor for diamonds not for glory, nor for fame that wouldn't do, no it wouldn't takin me out of the picture that wouldn't be no solution shit wouldn't get any clearer that wouldn't do no it wouldn't hittin the X in the corner out in the low-poly nothin there i would be just a foreign mourner everything's born and dies but I'm okay just like I always been I don't have to go some heavenly way to reach my heart but I'll tell you one thing I wouldn't waste away my years turning meadows of petunias into mirrors
I would open my mind if it were ready to be open I would dance with the salt and the sand in the ruminating ocean could I hold up the sun if I were settled in my garden could I send out my roots to a tender home and plant my weary heart in? feel it through, all I need is every moment to be with me and the way of my breath and my feet forever steady as they carry me
when I felt the waves crashing around me I was enticed by all the wicked sentiment and it grazed my teasing fingertips and I knew it was the end for me wholly swallowed by the suckin sea in an agonizing ecstacy and I loved you gingerly, yeah I loved you tenderly and here's the sound my heart makes when it's full of heartache when it's full of unmet soul feelin when I caught that I was underwater I was surprised that I'd lost my little ladybug that had led me to the polywog and I loved her gingerly, yeah I loved her tenderly
I lost my teeth one by one they fell right out of my mouth and into a silky cloud of red, red ribbon I couldn't speak without my teeth and so my energy made my wishes known to you with elegant precision, belly-uttering oh, dusty rider, take me home now sweet babylon's calling oh, golden spider, make me moan now sweet babylon's coming home I never thought about my way but then my shoe came unlaced and I came tumblin down the Jesus chimney and all the dust amid the shit around got scattered about and Satan doubled down and I got sinny


I made this record because god threatened to caramelize all my onions if I would not please it


released September 16, 2023

all music written, performed, and produced by Bly Wallentine (for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, til death do we part)


all rights reserved


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