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merry christmas provo! volume five

by bly wallentine

santa's sleigh filled with toys for the girls but the boys all get coal tonight they must pay for their sins santa's sleigh through the sky fast as light doth it fly and the reindeer don't get a break santa's trash
evergreen you are relentless in your giving towering above our undeserving town evergreen when i am feeble and uncertain cradle me beneath your ever-loving crown celebrate the joyous nature of december bright and gay throughout our unassuming home celebrate for life is fleeting and uncertain hibernate beneath the carol of the dawn welcome! welcome, holiday! welcome, welcome! happy happy day! make december gay!
o, heaven, 02:30
cherubim glass child celepod last chime from heaven am i cast amethyst night star aubergine bright stone o, heaven , am i cursed spinning wheel gold thread satellite lost third for heaven do i weep mercury dim sphere molecule tin spore the heavens do they creep
my eyes are wide my heart is gay on christmas day! on christmas day! and should i see the face of god on christmas day, i'll weep our fortune may we celebrate on christmas day! on christmas day! and may we all from our dismay and anger be released and should our ends begin to fray on christmas day! on christmas day! as we unravel may our hearts be filled with love and peace


merry christmas, mom!


released December 23, 2017

all songs written, arranged, recorded, and mixed by stephen cope at studio studio dada // studiostudiodada.com

all songs mastered by lindenfield // lindenfield.bandcamp.com

stephen cope
~ piano, guitar, banjo, drums, vocals, xylophone, horns, bass, pump organ, melodica, mellotron, percussion

sophie blair // nymph-music.bandcamp.com // groveband.bandcamp.com
~ viola, vocals on santa's sleigh/welcome! welcome, holiday!

additional vocals on santa's sleigh/welcome! welcome, holiday!
~ jennie clift, lisa clift, chance clift // wearechancelewis.com
~ sarita ford, shelly rose, emma lynn // peachdream.bandcamp.com // yuckybangs.bandcamp.com
~ brigdon markward, erin miller, emily jiang, tara ntula // citywolvesreno.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved


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