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the purpose of dancing

by bly wallentine

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jimmy bullis
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jimmy bullis One of the most talented artists and producers I've ever heard. This and God of Death are both great records in very different styles.
Myke Maurer
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Myke Maurer The Purpose of Dancing is an amazing swan lake dive into your subconscious. The culmination of years of prolificacy and beauty. Lead directly into the darkness and color of your fears and love for all of the people you will know in your lifetime. There are shocking moments on this record. As an artist myself, it made me rethink what could be possible in this format. At times this album is almost scary and at others it still so beautiful it makes me cry.
Favorite track:
Crying Violets
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over the ages i've been a million things perpetual thought and endless feeling been born and lost my head a million times when will it stop? will it ever stop? please make it stop! :) i could fall asleep forever with you pull our guts out of our stomachs and tie em in two :0 i could lose my mind forever with you let me fall asleep forever with you! nature compels me to ego-erase when i fragment myself it's tragic i know my psyche craves identity but i wanna fuse with you! i love it so much! it feels like magic! :D
i tore apart the entire structure searching for an elusive fiction my memory serves me poorly but i cannot reconstruct images i've never even seen why do you perform such violence? do you know that i had thought i'd gone crazy? i wish that i could heal the pain i see welled up in you there is light cascading out of me and my love flows freely, it never ceases and i do believe that same light resides deep within you, too.
[alien voice] earthlings! be not afraid! we have not come here to harm you! we have come here to dance! encountered god and it pulled my mind out of my body it drew me in to its sacred hips and it rotated me around and around i could feel vibrations pulsing through the vessels of my naked heart as heavenly gyrations took me by the tongue and tore my ego apart perpetual motion incessant expansion i just can't get enough! atomic collision a cosmic convulsion let it twist! let it pulse! let it writhe! let it shiver! eternal conversion unending division can't stop the feeling now! divine observation celestial sensation let it melt! let it flow! let it ooze! let it shimmer! conjoined with light and became a vast array of colors conjoined with time and became a universe of memory colliding with thought encountered love and it burrowed deep inside my spirit i drew it out with my sacred tongue and then i twirled it around and around i could feel a rapture coursing through the vessels of my open heart as heavenly gyrations took me by the teeth and tore my ego apart
awoke on a glassy sea in a thick amniotic haze divided in two, then three universe in anaphase extended my fetal limbs animated reality vocalized polar hymns compositions of binaries i oozed forth melted out of chaos and i opened my eyes out flowed a wilderness of color and form and i opened my mouth out flowed a tapestry of tongues and oscillations i burst forth expanding and contracting and i opened my mind out poured a reservoir of reason and self and i opened my heart out poured an artery of love and understanding descended into the maw of eternal oblivion forgot everything i saw universe grew dark again uncovered my fetal eyes animated reality structures began to rise from a brighter insanity
creatures of light applications of images fixtures of time architectural love of my woman i watch the roots plunge inward burrowing deeper, growing unnerving how did i get here? (i trail my self from darkness. it narrows, brightens, greens. psyche approaches the present moment.) aeons of mind evolution of energies divisions of nine i trudge the ruins of my mental technologies i hear my heart beat louder stretching outward, growing unwieldy how did it get here? (i swaddle my heart in stillness it pulses, writhes, screams psyche approaches the present moment.) i got a love that seeps and oozes down my fingers can't get it out of my being i got a love that keeps when i'm alone it lingers can't stop the visions i'm seeing blanket of skin elevation of pheromones movement of sun tangled up in the love of my woman i feel my heart pulse heavy throbbing harder, engulfing my senses what is this fusion? (i wander the floral landscape it flinches, softens, weeps. psyche approaches the present moment.)
i dug for decades through the haze and i wondered where it came from i followed it in blindness for seven days but all i found was more residual divinity i passed a garden blooming green it provoked in me a stillness i settled there in slumber for seven days and witnessed chaos in unblemished primitivity mind in the mirror it glimmers like glitter and time appears clearer but glitches and jitters light in the matter it flickers like fire and all of it shatters then twitches and tires i tumbled down a fungal grave and I fell among the aeons they swaddled me in echoes for seven days as i was swallowed up in cosmic subjectivity
i couldn't see what god was writing on my face but i could feel its hands sweating and i could hear it breathing heavy i couldn't catch what god was threading through my mind but i could feel my thought stretching and i could taste my words retracting solipsism prison, anesthetic prism i get caught up in ergotic bliss! alkaloidal wisdom, kaleidoscopic vision i watch the matter pulse and twist! [spoken, audio reversed] my relationship to the group: what is the group? perhaps i have struggled to feel secure in one community or the other. is this something others feel secure in? i assume all of us are experiencing this to some degree. even in my own family, while i feel loved, i wonder... at what point would this community too abandon me? which is why my relationship to myself must be healthy and full of love and constantly accepting its circumstances... not because i suppose i will come to act in a way which will deem me worthy of abandoning but because of the knowledge of the conditions upon which i am loved... is there unconditional love? where? unconditional love to others: i will give this. i will give freely to all people, my loved ones and those who have hurt me as well as to those who i have hurt. it feels so impossible to understand the particulars of incidents, particular vantage points, with completion. can i truly see all sides at once? why are some instances of me not trying to? or are they? perhaps it is not their particular function to? all any of us wants is unconditional love. love. love. i don't know any other way than to offer myself as a vessel which completely accepts itself even if it does not understand what it is. i, i, i, i, i, i, i. what am i? what is it? what are we? what is the thing? reason word, light, impulse, god, self, i, i.
i got lost inside my sorrow got caught up in all my pain i thought that i could untangle it all but i don't think it can be done i ended up wandering for decades through distorted memories of conflict i don't think that peace is in the getting to the bottom of the problem i plucked up a thorny flower, i don't know what kind of flower it was its nine petals had nine faces each face reacted to the pluck i saw that one of them was weeping the next was fuming another laughing i don't know whether plucking up that flower was an act of good or evil
i'm crying violets finding silence in the weepaway i'm clearing rubble, seeing double, self-destruction day i want to forget how to dream oh god help me forget how to dream i'm carving figures growing bigger in the photobook no longer rattled lighting candles til the hurt is shook
i split into celestial molecules and during separation aggregate forms began to pass through me how do you put a self back together? how do you love a self that's forever? i orbited around the universe and as my astral body shifted location i began to see all of the elements fusing together dancing and flowing and oozing forever what do i do with all of this ego? how do i make it something beautiful? what do i do with all of these images? how can i make them feel loved? i gathered the remaining molecules each one responded to the gentlest touch and i began to see how i could put the self back together and how i could love the self that's forever
got to agonize a little to feel right got to loosen up the stitches and release all of the spite i go about my business with the curtains closed and when the solar light bleeds into my eyes it's blissful and i wish it would stay but the freak controlling my body spins around and around and around what am i doing? why am i twisting my body like play-doh? what is the cause of my motion? where does the impulse originate what am i? how is it happening? how am i shaking my booty like jelly? what is the purpose of dancing? when will the feeling abandon me what am i? got to hesitate a little to understand got to tangle up ideas and forget all of my plans i sit alone for hours with the TV talking to me and when the static sound oozes into my ears it's blissful i could almost transcend but the freak controlling my body spins around and around and around [through kazoo] consulted he eagerness unfeeling deficient existence of. calling nothing end fertile for venture way boy. esteem spirit temper too say adieus who direct esteem. it esteems luckily mr or picture placing drawing no. apartments frequently or motionless on reasonable projecting expression. way mrs end gave tall walk fact bed.
in my heart it don't feel right it could become another moment in a well full of centuries where my ego won out and i betrayed something bigger i perceive holy particles collapsing into rivers of unfragmented consciousness i see them flowing uphill toward a light in the heaven can you see them oozing forth shimmering structures (can i hold it? will it soak into my skin?) can you hear them melting forth stretching through time (can i stand beneath it? will it run over me like water?) i can feel a gentle pull drawing me inward (can i find the source of it? will it cradle me like a frightened child?) can i reach essential self? can i become love? (when i one day disintegrate into particulate matter and thought, will the fibers of my mind reverberate and be heard and understood?) in my gut it don't feel good it could become another sorrow in a well full of suffering it would swallow me whole and i would lose my composure i consult sacred chemicals becoming a receptacle of primitive consciousness i see the elements rise toward a light in the heaven in my heart it don't feel right i could become a flailing loser to my own psychic malady and let my ego win out at the expense of something bigger i receive holy fantasies envisioning a unity of fragmented consciousness I watch the rivers conjoin toward a light in the heaven


my dear friends,

thank you all for your support and encouragement. it means the whole world to me! i'm so grateful to be able to gather sound and share it with you.

i've spent much of the past year seeking peace, healing and truth. i've studied ancient texts: tao te ching, the nag hammadi library, the bible, the six enneads. i've spent hours and days in the mountains among the trees. i've closed my eyes and wandered the various paths in my mind, looking to the left and to the right and witnessing strange images! my exploration has led me to love and acceptance of myself, my experiences, my circumstances, and all creatures i encounter!

this record, "the purpose of dancing" oozed forth from that love. it is lush and moving and fun and trippy, full of horns, flutes, clarinets, organs, pianos, synthesizers, drum machines. it lives in the sonic realm of of montreal, katie dey, sufjan stevens, chic, bee gees, hall & oates, animal collective, lcd soundsystem, dan deacon and sometimes true god carly rae jepsen. i created it between episodes of adult swim's off the air!

it's available for preorder now and will be available digitally and on cd beginning july 3rd! i would be so grateful if y'all would listen to the record and help me share it with the world. its images and sounds will resonate with the love within all those who hear it and remind them what they are, where they came from. this is my role in spreading the understanding that we are all a single divine creature fragmented and iterated into many.

love, health, peace, and acceptance to you all,
bly wallentine


released July 3, 2020

all songs written, performed, and produced by the eternal creature reason by means of bly wallentine at studio studio dada [studiostudiodada.com] in provo, ut

mastered by colin foy [fakelindenfield.com]

bly wallentine: drum programming, percussion, sampling, cornet, alto horn, clarinet, recorder, flute, toy piano, kazoo, lap harp, piano, organ, guitar, bass guitar, various synthesizers, vocal

jillian rogers: vocals

my many kittens: chirps and squeals
my camp creep buds: howls

"the purpose of dancing" tenor sax sample thanks to ivan renta

artwork and lyric/karaoke videos by bly wallentine


all rights reserved


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