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sun brighter e. p.

by bly wallentine

hold on, sister. water dripping through the cracks in the wounds will reach you soon. all the hidden faces of the moon, and all the little fishes, and the rattlesnakes and voles will gather at the surface, and you will find a green silence.
i got lost in time, i did, but i found the anomaly. a little cross-eyed ambidextrous child in gethsemane oh, what could i have spoken to obviate its sacrifice? i obtained a glimpse of diamond light, the wealth of divinity! an ever-piling hoard of glory reserved for those with eyes to see. oh, how could i disperse it among the sea of blind fishes? the clear water, the word hovered. i planted a seed of love in my garden of contrition. i've done all i can, but i don't know what happens next. GM Bm Em GM BM EM AbM AM DbM E7 AM F#/G#5 Ebm DbM F7 F#M (BbM D7) BbM EbM9 :|| BbM D7 Gm BbM9 EbM9 Gm BbM7 D7 AbM7 EbM9 EbM7 BbM9 EbM7 BbM9 AbM7 EbM9 BbM9 Cm9 AbM9 EbM9 BbM9 to end
deep within the cardinal vein a tower of decisive upset there i was delivered into the clutches of the demon gwiltol the wind rebuked it coldly it mustered through clenched teeth i have governed this place of darkness for seven lives i have wrestled for absolution but i cannot meet the serpent's gaze here in the heart of sheol a sickle lies butchering shameful bellies and feeding on the gaps between the lamb's fading wool Bb- Db F- Ab Bb- Eb7 F- Ab- E59 Eb59 F#59 Db B F#5 C E- Bb59 Ab F- C- Db6 C- Bb- F- C- F#5 Db5
lemon pulp 01:42
how could i have left it all to chance? but i did. i couldn't see any other solution. still, it was overgrown with reason and structured like a molecule. i am forbidden to taste the fruit of endless paradise. i am required to sit in lemon pulp as a sacrifice.
when i rose i took it all up with me as far as i could tell and when i fell oh, it all fell too i placed the living bread inside the sepulchre i touched the outstretched finger of the alabaster fool i have wavered so long i've forgotten the color of stillness the reeds are turning yellow have i flown too high? BbM7 A- F GM7 Eb D A- F GM7 Bb EbM7 G/D D GM7 E- C Bb F#- D F#- E- D C#- A D C#- G BM7 D G E- D GM7
murky water 04:35
it was enlisted by the wolf. it saw a new star forming in the heaven but it could not comprehend. clothed in a fig leaf, it philandered with the cherubim. what am i going on about? perennial abstractions leading me around in circles! what is the end game to all of this white light? milennial delusions: this time i'll escape the cycle! oh, i only wanted to make the sun brighter, but i had to sink to the bottom of the belly of my doppleganger. oh, i'm a little always unsure in the murky water, but i can remember the fiddle in the valley of the evergreen trees.


hello, my friends! here is "sun brighter e.p.". it is about faith, grace, sorrow, remorse, alchemy, restoration, hell, and heaven. i hope you enjoy it.

love always,
bly <3


released April 28, 2022

thank you, sophie blair, for your beautiful viola playing on "garden of contrition" and to loren, katy, brian, jillian, eva, emma, and nate for your wonderful singing on "murky water" and for celebrating my birthday with me. i love all of you so very much. thank you for being my friends.


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